General Questions

What are the benefits of Drop & Go?

  • Drop & Go customers can avoid line-ups and reduce line-ups for customers at the front of the depot!
  • Once you have a Drop & Go account, you can be in and out of the depot in a minute or two.

How and where is my order counted?

  • Your order is counted by the same staff when the depot is not as busy and still processed by staff. The only automated part is when you drop off your containers and label them. 

Who should use Drop & Go?

  • Drop & Go is perfect for anyone who doesn’t wish to wait in line. Deposit refunds can either be picked up by cheque or transferred to you through PayPal.

Will Drop & Go cause SARCAN employees to lose their jobs?

  • Absolutely not. All containers returned through Drop & Go will be counted by the same friendly SARCAN staff. It’s just an alternative way to drop off your beverage containers.

Can I drop off paint and electronics through Drop & Go?

  • You cannot drop off paint and electronics in the Drop & Go station. Please talk to the cashier at the depot for the paint and electronics drop off area.

I would like to change my account information. How do I do this?

  • Please send us an e-mail with your requested changes to – we will make the changes to your account for you.

Labeling my Order

Where do I get my labels?

  • Labels are printed at the depot at the time of your order drop off. When you get to the depot, you will log into your Drop & Go account, type in the combined number of total bags and boxes you have with you and the appropriate number of labels will print off. Place these tags on your bags and boxes and place in the marked location for Drop & Go orders.

Can I take labels home with me and attach them to bags at my residence?

  • No.  The labels printed through Drop & Go have an expiry date.  Labels returned after their date of printing will not be registered, and the order will not be credited to your SARCAN Drop & Go account. 

I reside in Saskatchewan, but only have an out-of-province phone number. Can I still use Drop & Go?

  • Yes, as long as you are a resident of Saskatchewan and you purchased your beverage containers in Saskatchewan, you can use Drop & Go.

Receiving Payments from SARCAN

Why is money deducted from my deposit refund when using PayPal?

  • When using PayPal to receive deposit refunds, a 2% surcharge is automatically deducted from your deposit balance by PayPal. This is the standard processing fee for PayPal transactions.

How long will it take before I receive my deposit refund?

  • Payment for orders through the Drop & Go system are typically processed within 5 business days. If you have not received your payment after this 5-day window, please contact your depot or e-mail us at – we’ll be happy to look into the delay.

Order Condition

Are there sorting or other requirements for Drop & Go orders?

  • We ask that all caps are removed from the containers before being returned and that orders are clean and free of garbage, etc.
  • Glass should be separate from the bagged items and placed in their own cardboard box/carton. A cardboard box is a popular choice as they are easy to obtain, and can be left at the depot with your order. All other beverage containers can be returned using regular garbage bags.
  • Please note that caps can be kept in a separate bag and recycled at the depot as well.

I did not remove the caps from my Drop & Go order. Will I still get a deposit refund?

  • Customers will not receive a deposit refund for containers that still have their caps on.  The deposit value of all containers with lids left on will be donated to Telemiracle,  SARCAN’s corporate fundraiser of choice. Thank you for your understanding